I’m participating in this year’s National Novel Writing Month! This year, I won’t be sixteen days late, so that’s pretty exciting. I will get thirty days of writing bliss… or hell, depending on your perspective. I may be crying tears of distress or tears of joy, but either way, by the end of the month, I’ll (hopefully) have a completed novel. It’ll be a very rough draft, but at least it will be a first draft. Having something to work with, versus not having anything, is always preferable! 

As the month goes on, I’ll update with progress reports, if I have the time. As far as I’m concerned, November is serious go-month for writing, so all other projects (other than the necessary university and work, etc) will not be designated as priority.

If you’re interested in writing a novel and were not previously aware of National Novel Writing Month, go to nanowrimo.org and check it out! And if you’re nervous, check this article out. Or, if you need advice, read this one. Better yet, read both to receive a great mix of sympathy, encouragement, and advice. Plus, as an added perk, they’re both written by the lovely and awesome Stephanie Perkins. (If you haven’t read Anna, Lola, or Isla, GO DO IT; in December, of course.)

Here’s to you, friend. Do what you love.


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