I have nothing to say about myself absolutely, simply, and solidly, without confusion and without mixture, or in one word. Thus, a blog.

aleatoricaj1 copyHi, friend! My name is AJ and I am an aleatoric, aspiring author.

Aleatoric (adj): random or improvisatory in nature.

I use this word repeatedly because I think it sums up my personality rather well. I’m weird, obsessive (BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS), and loud. I love to write and to travel, and I prefer to do both simultaneously.

I write about my life, my writing process, and my infinite addiction to books (see, obsessive). I have more questions than I have answers and like to write out my questions as a way of thinking through them. I’m dyslexic, so getting what is in my head out on paper is a difficult process, but a rewarding one.

What You Can Expect to Read on this Blog:

Weekly: My thoughts about writing, reading, and life in general.

Start of Every Month: Book(s) I am most excited about reading, including a glimpse and/or summary of my entire TBR list for the month.

Mid-Month: Book I recommend that you read! Probably because I adored reading it.

End of Every Month: A wrap-up of everything I read that month, including a spotlight on my favorite read for that month. If I have acquired a large number of books over the course of that month, then I will also post about my book haul!

As Necessary: Book reviews! In which I will give a synopsis, rating, and review of the book.

I also run a bookstagram where I post pictures of books I’m reading, books I want to read, and books I just love!

If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, I’d love to hear from you! You can either comment on one of my posts or send a tweet via my twitter.

Here’s to you, friend.


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